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*Protecting yourself against viruses with an anti-virus program*


What is an Anti-Virus Program?

These programs protect your computer against viruses that you can get while you are upon the internet.

They search your computer for possible viruses and then remove them.

How can I get Viruses ? 

Most popular way to get viruses is by opening an e-mail where a virus is hidden inside.

The user is not aware that his/her computer is infected (unless you already have an anti-virus program installed). 

Viruses can also infect your computer if you visit “dark sites” (erotical websites , cracker websites , ...)

 these can infect your computer in the form of an image or a website component.

What program can I use? 

AVG Anti Virus is a populair program.

Afer installing AVG, you will be asked to install updates from the internet.

The program downloads/installs these updates automaticly so you don’t have to worry about that part.

After that, you can let AVG scan on your computer for possible viruses and remove them if the program finds any.

AVG Anti Virus can be downloaded from this location :